Selling An Energy Efficient Home

The current housing market presents many challenges to sellers.  Many areas are experiencing decreased prices due to foreclosure inventory and new home builders slashing prices, not to mention buyers are much more educated than ever before.

How are you going to set yourself apart from your competition?

The first step is finding a good real estate agent.  Next you want to find a way to market your home apart from the competition.  Today’s market forces sellers to either undercut the market or offer a home that stands apart from the competition. Sellers who get a home energy audit are making an important first step.

How will an Energy Audit help sell your home?

Many sellers these days are implementing upgrades prior to selling.  Our experience has shown most of the time the upgrades selected by the seller will not yield a return.  GreenEdge got its start in the “renovating homes to sell” business, which has given us much insight on what works and what doesn’t.  With energy prices climbing along with increased buyer awareness, data is suggesting buyers are looking for homes that save them money.  GreenEdge will be able to provide you an Energy Audit or Energy Analysis of your home.  We then have the ability to prioritize potential upgrades, which assist you in making the best decision on what projects to tackle first.  We can also help set you up with the right contractors.

The Appraisal Institute has proven data which states for every dollar saved annually, compared to a similar home in your area, the value of your home increases by $20.  What does this mean?  Lets say you implement upgrades to your home that save you $500 annually compared to your neighbor (similar home), your home would then be worth roughly $10,000 more.  That is only from a savings of less than $50 per month.

What if my home is already efficient?

THAT’S GREAT!!  Now you have an even better reason to get an Energy Audit.  If your home is already producing impressive energy savings, the Energy Audit report is perfect to include with your listing.  It will show your potential buyers that you care.  It will also set your home apart from the competition.

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