EPA Indoor airPLUS Qualified Homes

IndoorAirPlus1If you build an ENERGY STAR® Certified Home, you have a choice to go even farther and add the EPA Indoor airPLUS label.  The EPA along with ENERGY STAR has created program which builds homes with the highest standards for indoor air-quality, which focuses on these key areas:

  1. Indoor and outdoor water management.
  2. Safe combustion appliances and combustion appliance zones.
  3. Attached garage isolation (if the garage wall adjoining the house is not sealed properly, it can lead to possible indoor air-quality issues).
  4. Proper ventilation.

GreenEdge is a Certified Partner to the EPA Indoor airPLUS Qualified Home Program.  We work with builders to help their homes qualify for this program.  Not only will this keep your family safe while you live at the home, it also adds value to your home if you decide to sell it one day.  As we all know, today’s market requires sellers to stand apart from their competition to have a chance at selling.

For more information click…EPA Indoor airPLUS Program

ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

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