Energy Efficient Mortgages, Improvement Mortgages

Borrowers & Lenders:  Green building & remodeling.

Borrowing money for a new green home:

Before you get a traditional mortgage to build a new home or a green home, make sure you looking to Energy Efficient Mortgages.  These mortgages are designed to take into consideration the efficiency and durability of the home.  This means your mortgage could be a more favorable investment to the lender.

Looking to build a new ENERGY EFFICIENT home?          Energy Efficient Mortgage

Borrowing money for green improvements & upgrades:

Before you go to your current credit card to pay for a green improvement to your home, consider looking into a Energy Improvement Mortgage.  These mortgages are structured to take into account the amount of money you will save on your utility bills after these improvements are made.  This gives the lender the ability to lend money based on the projected savings.  There is also a loan program called Michigan Saves.  This program works very similar.

Looking to improve your home’s ENERGY EFFICIENCY?          Energy Improvement Mortgage…or…Michigan Saves

Lenders:  Whether you are currently lending on green building & renovating, or not, please read below.

Did you know GreenEdge is a RESNET HERS Rater.  Our certified raters can help get your clients home qualified for the above mortgages.  If you are not currently working in these programs, call us today to learn how to get involved.