HERS Index Rating Video

HERS IndexRESNET has made a video which explains the HERS Index Rating in a very simple way.  Everyone who is building a new home should ask their builder for this.  If they don’t have one, chances are they are not paying close attention to the energy efficiency of the home they are building and I would find a new builder.

Check out this video…


As stated in the video, the HERS Index is like a MPG for a home.  Its a great way to compare how different homes will perform, from an energy efficient viewpoint.  The lower the score the better.

GreenEdge of Michigan is certified to give a home a HERS Index Rating and we work with many builders in West Michigan that are already rating all of their homes.  Contact us today to learn more about the process or find a builder who can build you an energy efficient home.  616-419-8558.  For more information on the HERS Index CLICK HERE.

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