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This property is a duplex located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, just across from the Medical Mile.  The home was built in 1890 and was at one point converted into a duplex with a top and bottom unit.  As you can imagine, a home built this long ago needed some major upgrades to enhance its efficiency and bring it up to date.  Remodeling a home is inherently Green, since you are essentially recycling a home versus tearing it down and starting over.

Here is a list of completed improvements to date…

  • Both furnaces were replaced with 95% efficient Rheem systems along with new AC units.  Replacing your furnace with a 95% efficient unit qualifies for a rebate.  This work was completed by Frontier Heating & Cooling, which is one of our premier HVAC contractors that we work with.
  • The original hardwood floors were sanded down and refinished, which allowed for significant cost savings, along with recycling a very durable building product.  The floors are Southern Yellow Pine mixed with Cedar.  Installing floors such as these today would be extremely expensive.  The repairs and refinishing  were performed by GreenEdge and Old2Gold, a premier hardwood floor refinishing company located in West Michigan.
  • Light bulbs have been replaced with either LED or CFL bulbs to minimize electric usage.
  • Blown-in Cellulose insulation was installed in the exterior walls to tighten the building envelope.
  • Windows were replaced with double pane vinyl units.
  • Programmable thermostats were installed to reduce energy consumption.
  • All appliances have been replaced with ENERGY STAR certified units to conserve energy.
  • Faucets, shower heads and toilets have been replaced with low-flow units to conserve water.
  • The inside has been completely repainted.
  • All cabinets have been replaced along with counter-tops.
  • Low maintenance landscaping was added to save time and money.


This property is located right off the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.  The property has original Oak hardwood floors throughout.  The owner decided to remove the carpet in the upstairs and have the floors sanded down, stained and re-finished.

GreenEdge first sanded the floors down to bare wood.  Next, stain to match existing floors was applied by hand to obtain the desired color.  Once the stain dried, the first coat of polyurethane was applied by brush.  That was allowed to dry for 24 hrs.  Next, the second coat was applied with a roller and allowed to dry for an additional 24 hrs.  Two more coats were added to increase durability & appearance.

Refinishing your hardwood floors is a Green renovation by nature.  Getting rid of carpet is also a step in the right direction to improve indoor air quality, since carpet harbors all kinds of harmful organisms and VOCs’ (volatile organic compounds).


This property is a 1,300 square foot home built in 1979, which was purchased in a distressed state in South Austin, Texas.  This was our first home that we renovated with Green technology as a primary focus.

Here are the improvements that were made…

  • HVAC furnace/ AC replaced with high efficiency Lennox Elite Series units.
  • All duct work was replaced with insulated flex duct along with new register buckets.
  • All appliances were replaced with ENERGY STAR units.
  • Windows were replaced with a double pane vinyl product.
  • Floors were replaced with real Oak hardwoods.
  • Blown-in cellulose insulation was added in the attic and brought up to R-38.
  • Low flow faucets and toilets were installed.
  • Weather stripping was added to all doors.
  • Inside and out completely re-painted.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms completely gutted and remodeled.
  • New deck and fence constructed.
  • Electrical panel replaced.


This home participated in a program called The Home Performance Program through ENERGY STAR, which gave rebates on the replacement of duct work and insulation.

This property sold for 10% over market value within the first 2 days on the market.  The sale occurred in November, the start of the slow selling season.  This is a prime example of how energy efficient improvements will save you money, increase your market value and sell your home faster than the competition.