Michigan New Home Residential Energy Audit


The housing industry has obviously gone through some tough years since mid 2007.  The bright side to a “Housing Bubble-Burst” results in forced changes, and most of the time they are good changes.  Also, companies and so called professionals who don’t belong in the industry tend to disappear.  Regulations and standards tighten up.  Even good companies typically implement changes to offset bad habits that may creep in during good times.

 How does this affect you as a home buyer?

Good question!  These changes to the industry present a perfect time for an individual to become a homeowner.  You are less likely to accidentally hire a bad company.  New regulations and practices will help control the quality of what you are buying.  As mentioned above, the good companies tend to be on-point, and you are likely to get high quality service, not to mention there are some great deals out there.

How will a Energy Audit benefit you as a home buyer?

Most home purchases these days involve a home inspection which are typically paid for by the buyer.  Many people don’t know this, but home inspections haven’t always been an industry norm.  Today it would be considered almost insane not to get a home inspection prior to purchasing.  Energy Audits or Energy Inspections are starting to become very popular, and someday will be as prevalent as home inspections.  You may be asking yourself what is the difference between a home inspection and a energy audit?  For a detailed look at the Energy Audit process….click here.  Basically an Energy Audit looks at the safety, durability, efficiency and sustainability of a home.  A home inspection is a general overview of the home’s condition.  You can ask your real estate agent to get the sellers utility bills, but unless they have the exact same habits as you, its completely useless.   GreenEdge not only has the ability to make sure the home is safe, durable, efficient and sustainable, we also have advanced software which allows us to model the home.  The modeling software analyzes areas of the home that may be costing money or saving money.  We will also be able to give you your expected utility costs based on typical behavior.  Last and most important, GreenEdge will be able to test the combustion appliances and air-quality to make sure the home you are purchasing is safe for you and your family.  Its scary how many homes have unsafe indoor air-quality.

Proudly serving the Greater Grand Rapids and Holland area in Michigan, which include but not limited to Kent, Ottawa, Allegan & Muskegon Counties.