Blower Door

GreenEdge does Blower Door Tests for builder and homeowners in the greater Grand Rapids and Holland Michigan area.  We serve, but not limited to, Kent, Allegan, Ottawa and Muskegeon Counties.  

The Retro-Tec Blower Door is a device that allows GreenEdge to pressurize and/or depressurize a home to perform a series of tests.  This device also allows GreenEdge to properly test combustion appliance zones.  Also, the blower door is crucial in locating air leaks during the thermal scan of the building envelope.  Our results will also determine if your home meets the MVR (minimum ventilation requirement).

Air leakage in buildings can be as high as 40% of space-conditioning costs.  If your home  building envelop leaks you are throwing money down the drain, at the same time if your homes building envelop is tight your air quality may be unsafe.  There needs to be a balance between energy efficiency and safety.  The ideal situation is a tight building envelop with planned ventilation.  GreenEdge can help you find this balance.

Blower door testing can make sure your home gets enough ventilation.

GreenEdge uses this Blower Door for many diagnostic tests throughout the evaluation of the home.