Building Forensics | Building Science

imagesWhen I think of the word forensics I think of a crime scene.  Well, the building science industry is not much different.  When we go into a home to help a customer solve a problem, we treat it much like a crime scene.  We start each job with an interview of the customer to get as much insight on the situation as possible.  We then investigate the home and the specific problem area.  Many times the problem is being caused by some other problem that the customer didn’t even know they were having.

With that being said, the one-size-fits-all energy audit that many companies offer is just not realistic and in many cases it’s a waste of time and money.  If you have a problem with your home, you really need to call in a company that will investigate the situation and not just perform a cookie cutter audit.

Building Science

IR_0081Also make sure the company you call has a building science background.  A home needs to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  It needs to ventilate in a controlled way.  The building materials need to keep dry and if they do get wet they need to be able to dry out.  Water is the most destructive force on any home and needs to be managed properly.  All these factors come down to science.  Science plays a huge part in the building process.  Back in the day, prior to all this technology we have now, builders needed to use science to make the home perform so it was comfortable to live in.  As technology advanced builders started relying on that technology and started ignoring the science end of it.  Well, that led to decades of some of the worst building practices we have ever seen.  We are still digging our way out of that mess.  Fortunately now, we are starting to combine the technology with the building science and constructing some of the best homes we have ever seen.

When ever you are building or retrofitting a home make sure you are consulting with a building scientist, otherwise you are asking for problems.  Here at GreenEdge we help improve home performance through building science and technology.

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