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Energy efficient upgrades are not paying off

Weatherization programs throughout the country have gained popularity over the years.  Here in West Michigan you hear radio commercials all the time by DTE Energy advertising their weatherization program.  States are even expected to expand programs such as the DOE’s federal weatherization program with a goal of reducing emissions from power generation. Are these programs working? […]

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What type of insulation do I choose?

What type of insulation do I choose for my renovation or new home?  Whether you are a home owner or builder, this question can be very difficult to answer.  The question is difficult even for an expert in the industry.  The best answer really depends on the situation.  Where is the insulation going, what part […]

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Dangers of Ice Dams on your roof

The next time we have a good snow storm here in Michigan, drive around and take a look at the number of homes that have icicles.  Some houses have small amounts, some have large ones and some have none.  Typically the homes that have the most are in older neighborhoods.  Drive in a new subdivision and […]

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Why hire an Energy Consultant for your Home?

Geothermal heating and cooling is becoming very popular in new construction as well as retrofitting existing homes.  I have yet to find a person who does not like the concept of this type of technology.  Although, the ongoing debate is whether or not the payback makes sense.  Ive talked to HVAC professionals and builders who […]

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