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Is a Blower Door Test required on a renovation or addition?

The short answer is yes. A Blower Door Test is technically required on certain renovations and additions for residential construction. The determining factor is the scope of the project and whether or not the building inspector is enforcing it. Unfortunately, the code does not give any clear alternatives for the test, other than what is […]

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Future of the Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit is bleak

The Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit, also know as the 2005 EPAct or 45L Tax Credit, expired on December 31, 2016.  Expiration of this credit has been a common occurrence since its inception back in 2005.  Typically the credit expires and then it gets renewed and made retroactive in the following year.  Unfortunately this is not […]

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Michigan Energy Code implementation aftermath

Well, we are now roughly 6 months in with the new Michigan Energy Code.  What is the aftermath?  Code changes are always stressful for a builder, as they should be.  There are so many moving parts to the building process that major changes can cause a lot of stress.  Surprisingly the transition into the 2015 Michigan […]

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Return ducts code requirements have changed

Michigan Law requires changes to the energy code must have a payback within a certain period of time.  The new 2015 Michigan Residential Code that was implemented on February 8, 2016 had a requirement that return ducts needed to be ducted and no longer allowed builders to use the wall cavities as a duct.  The State of […]

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