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Return ducts code requirements have changed

Michigan Law requires changes to the energy code must have a payback within a certain period of time.  The new 2015 Michigan Residential Code that was implemented on February 8, 2016 had a requirement that return ducts needed to be ducted and no longer allowed builders to use the wall cavities as a duct.  The State of […]

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Michigan Builders : The new 2015 Energy Code is here

If you are a  Michigan builder or anyone in the construction industry here in Michigan you have probably heard that a new 2015 energy code and building code will be effective starting February 8th, 2016.  Yeah, the time has come.  Some builders are already building homes meeting this code and some builders will need to […]

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Congress extends 45L Tax Credit for New Homes

Once again the 45L Tax Credit for energy efficient new homes has been extended.  It expired on December 31, 2014.  Congress has extended it through the end of 2016 and its retroactive for all of 2015.  This means that the risk has paid off for builders who built in 2015 hoping it would get extended. […]

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10 tips on how to get your home ready for winter

Winter is approaching fast and here at GreenEdge we like to put out some tips on how to prepare your home for the winter months.  Here in West Michigan it won’t be long and will will have snow on the ground.  Last year at this time we were already shoveling.  Some of these ideas deal […]

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