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HERS Index Rating Video

RESNET has made a video which explains the HERS Index Rating in a very simple way.  Everyone who is building a new home should ask their builder for this.  If they don’t have one, chances are they are not paying close attention to the energy efficiency of the home they are building and I would find a […]

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What is a Blower Door Test?

If you are a builder or you have built a home in the last couple years there is a chance you know what a blower door test is.  If you plan to build a home in the future you will definitely know what one is.  Here in Michigan, we are scheduled to have a new […]

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Dangers of Ice Dams on your roof

The next time we have a good snow storm here in Michigan, drive around and take a look at the number of homes that have icicles.  Some houses have small amounts, some have large ones and some have none.  Typically the homes that have the most are in older neighborhoods.  Drive in a new subdivision and […]

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Is Carbon Monoxide poisoning your home?

You might ask, what does carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning have to do with energy efficient homes?  Great question!  Well, just like any other home, this colorless, odorless, tasteless and highly toxic (deadly) gas is also a problem in energy efficient homes.  In fact, the problem could potentially be even worse in such homes. First, let’s […]

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