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Water Management For Homes – How Important Is It?

Water is a powerful force of nature.  Every year we hear stories from around the world of massive flooding and catastrophic damage.  The stories you don’t hear are from the millions of homes that are being damaged slowly each year by inadequate water management.  Is your home one of these? Common sources of water management […]

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EPACT Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit Extended!

Are you a builder thinking of building an energy efficient home or are you already building efficient homes?  Are you a renovator looking to rehabilitate a home for energy efficiency?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you will want to read this blog.  The Federal Government has extended this tax credit (2005 […]

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Quality Construction Uses Building Science & Technology

Building a home requires breaking and altering the laws of science.  If we didn’t do this, our homes would be very cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  We would not be able to control the humidity levels inside the home.  The outside weather would control the inside conditions, verses the home controlling […]

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