Michigan Construction Consulting Services

Remodeling your home can be a great choice.  The reasons can range from needing to update your home for personal enjoyment to wanting to increase its value.  Most remodeling choices, provided they are done right, will increase the value of your property.  The question is, did the value increase out-weigh the cost of doing the project.  If you are doing a specific project for personal enjoyment, measuring whether the value outweighed the cost can be difficult and not always necessary unless you plan to sell your home within a couple years.   We could go on and on about different home remodeling scenarios, but the important point to realize is making sure you consider all your options and consult a professional.  GreenEdge can help you make a more informed decision no matter what your situation is.

Renovating for improved energy efficiency is a newer and very good option for many reasons.  Whether you have high utility bills or you’re looking to sell your home and want an advantage over the competition, remodeling with energy efficiency in mind is a smart option.  Consulting a professional in this type of project is very important.  Why?  Good question.  Every home and situation is different in some way.  An improvement made to one house may yield a great return, but for another home it may have little to no effect.  Everyone can understand that replacing original windows (in a 90 year old home) with new quality vinyl windows will help the efficiency.  Without real numbers, how can you be sure there are not 5 other improvements that cost less money and have a larger impact on your energy bills.  GreenEdge uses the combination of industry experience, advanced diagnostic equipment and technology to help you prioritize the order of possible improvements.

GreenEdge offers a range of services to help you tackle your renovation projects.  Below is a brief rundown of our services…

  • Home Renovation Consulting – Following the steps outlined above is very important.  In many projects hiring a 3rd party to consult on renovations (especially when they involve improving efficiency, safety, durability and sustainability) can really help avoid problems.

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