Important Information – Please Read

Thank you for submitting your prints and specs! A GreenEdge representative will contact you if they have any questions about the information you provided.  You have also been sent an email that contains this same information.  If you have questions about your job, or you submitted this by mistake, contact us at or call 616-419-8558.

Our service includes the following:

A detailed description of each section below, which we highly recommend reading and keeping for future reference.

  1. Permit paperwork
  2. Pre-drywall insulation inspection
  3. Final inspection and blower door test
  4. Final documentation


Once we receive all the specs and prints, we will model in the home into our software and then if the home is passing the energy code, we will send you paperwork so that you can show the building inspector that the proposed home is going to meet the energy code.  Permit paperwork can take up to 7 business days from the time we receive all the information from you.


We would like to do an inspection of the insulation prior to the drywall being installed (not including attic insulation).  Please give us at least a 7 day notice for this inspection.  This inspection DOES NOT take the place of the inspection that the building department may require.   When you are ready for this inspection please email and include, job name (homeowner last name), address and day the insulation will be completed.


When you are ready for the final inspection, please email andrew@greenedgemichigan and include the job name (Homeowner last name) and address.  Please allow at least a 7 business day notice to schedule this inspection.  We will do our best to accommodate the day you request.  Inspections are done Monday-Thursday during business hours.


1. We will need to close the home up for the blower door test. Please make sure no other contractors are scheduled on this day or time frame. If this cannot be avoided, please make sure the contractors onsite are minimal and aware of us coming. If there are too many contractors on site, we may need to come back another day and additional charges could apply.
2. Water needs to be on and traps full. If not please tape off all plumbing.
3. All electrical outlets, cover plates and/or lights need to be installed on exterior walls and ceilings.
4. All exterior doors need to have weatherstripping installed and door hardware installed (temp door hardware is fine, as long as it can latch and lock).
5. All surfaces adjacent to the exterior (including attic) need to be finished, sealed and/or closed up.
6. Power needs to be on.
7. Code requires us to test the home when its finished. This means the home needs to be as close to 100% complete as possible.
8. All mechanicals need to be installed including water heater and heating equipment. (not including air conditioner).
9. Mechanical ventilation needs to be installed and running (we will not be able to finalize the job without this part done).
10. If the home is going to be locked, please provide us with a code to get in.

Thank you for choosing GreenEdge of Michigan. We will do our best to make this process as smooth as possible.

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